Established in 1995 as Southern Utilities Services Incorporated, founder and CEO Chris Matthews, P.E., initially formed the company to provide hands-on services and accessory products to the electric utility industry. In keeping with his goal to improve service to the utilities, Matthews first introduced portable load boxes in 1996 to assist electric-based companies with testing and training tools.

As he toured utility substations and installations throughout the state of Georgia, his vision expanded, and Matthews developed and patented a series of panel adapters that provided end users the ability to upgrade their utility meters with new and improved technology.

Today, the company, now known as SUSI Adapters, Inc., has a global impact with a world-wide customer base serving both the utility and industrial sectors. SUSI adapters are installed in thousands of facilities around the world.  SUSI Adapters, Inc., enjoys working partnerships with the majority of major meter manufacturers, providing practical solutions to customer needs with the company’s comprehensive product line.

Company Timeline

• 1995 – Company Formation and Establishment of Metering Services

• 1996 – First Products Marketed

Patent Development

• 2000 – Flush Mount Panel Adapter

• 2001 – Surface Mount Panel Adapter

• 2002 – Conversion Adapter Utilizing Switchboard Case with Socket Mount Meter

• 2002 – Surface Mount Panel Adapter for Socket Mount Electricity Meter

• 2006 – Swocket Panel Meter

• 2007 – Swocket Panel Adapter

Recent Company Updates

• 2009 – Moved into New Facility, Doubling Size of Existing Production Space

• 2012 – Changed Name to SUSI Adapters, Inc., Aligning the Company Moniker to Current Products and Services


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