Flush Mount Adapters

These Panel Adapters allow the user to replace an old switchboard (panel mount) meter with a new standard socket meter, eliminating the need to stock or maintain more than one type of metering package. The panel socket adapter is a low cost way of converting an antiquated switchboard meter to a solid-state metering system using a socket meter.  It requires no changes to the substation steel panel or its existing cutout for installation. 

Many utilities have already standardized on socket meters, taking advantage of lower costs and simplifying maintenance. These panel adapters provide an easy and convenient way of installing socket meters on panels, thus eliminating the need for more expensive switchboard meters.  With these adapters, there's no need to keep an inventory of various meters or use switchboard meters at all. 

The innovative Flush Mount Panel Adapter is adjustable, with ten field-selectable lengths for precise positioning. Its patented design allows for easy installation and maintenance.  These adapters can be delivered quickly - no long lead times.

The Flexibility of using Any Standard Socket Meter

  1. Adjustable Length Accommodates All Meters and Various Installations

  2. Works with Any Standard Socket Meter 

  3. Less Expensive Solution than using Switchboard Meters.

  4. Ability to Mount a Lower Cost Industrial Meter on a Panel

  5. Lower Initial and Replacement Costs.

  6. Reduces Meter and Spare Part Inventory.

  7. Simplifies Maintenance, Testing and Replacement

Adjustable Flush Mount Adapter (SWAAF9)

Key Advantages

  1. Easy Installation - Threaded Mounting Holes Match Existing Panel

  2. Cutouts Metering can be Replaced without Changing the Panel

  3. Enables Changing the Meter or Manufacturer at Anytime.

  4. In Stock Models Available for Immediate Delivery

Fully Expanded Adapter (SWAAF9)

Fully Retracted Adapter in Demo Panel

Fully Expanded Adapter in Demo Panel